Triggers – when will they go away?

“That road! I can’t take that road!” When facing fear, we often think we cannot move forward and feel that we are STUCK. These fears can last for months or years. Has the past made you feel “trapped”?

Trauma can be defined as distressing and disturbing events that diminish a person’s ability to cope. Trauma causes feelings of hopelessness and minimizes one’s sense of self. More importantly, it keeps a person from feeling the full range of emotions and experiences.

The brain gets wired from repetitive thinking.

Trauma is like a scratch on a record… every time the mind goes over a scratch, it skips, and the brain gets wired that way. This thought process of “feeling stuck” is a thought/feeling/sensation pattern in our brains.

Traumatic events become fragmented in our brains. Events, memories, images, etc. are stored incorrectly and can lead to memories feeling very present and real.

Related or unrelated stimuli in the present can cause you to react as if they were presently in that time of trauma. The brain feels as if the past disturbing event is happening currently.

Traumas are mixed emotions such as: loss of a job, divorce, vehicle accident, death of loved one, war, natural disaster. Traumas can affect everyone, from veterans, military, first responders, to traumatic childhood memories, and rape, to name a few.

How can we get past trauma?

Trauma is challenging; but when we face fear, we can begin to see who we really are.

By embracing and accepting self – as we are – we can learn to redirect our focus. “This is not a period in my life… it’s a comma.”

Trauma, abuse, and abandonment are specific disorders that can be treated exclusively with EMDR and other modalities.

Don’t stay stuck on the scratch in the record.

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