Individual Therapy

How does your garden grow?

You watered it. But you never overcame the drought from the year before.

You bought fertilizer, but often forgot to use it.

How are things looking as you walk through the garden of your life? Is everything thriving or have the weeds started to creep in and slowly take over?

Your garden represents your life.

Your past is like the weeds in that garden.

If you get too busy and don’t tend to it when it needs your attention, you’ll soon find it overgrown with weeds.

It just needs a little TLC.

Unleash the master gardener within.

Let me help you turn that black thumb to green. Let me give you the correct tools, the right balance, and the proper fertilizer to help your life’s garden burst with vibrance and color.

Individual therapy is a personal and relational partnership, so our first session will focus on getting to know one another.

In this session, you’ll find that connection is vital; you need to feel completely comfortable as you share your vulnerable side.

When you step into my office, you’ll begin by bringing your garden’s layout (life concerns). You’ll explain how and what you’ve planted so far and what hasn’t worked for you (coping skills that didn’t bear any fruit).

Together, we’ll design a landscape that fits you exactly – the life you desire – and prepare your goals to achieve it.

Design. Cultivate. Nurture. Thrive.

Individual therapy gives you a safe space to visualize and create the life you want to live.

Contact me today at (214) 725-1579 to take your first steps toward creating something beautiful.

Happy Gardening!