Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and sad?

Does this sound familiar: “I only drink after 5 pm, only wine, and the kids never see me. I am not an alcoholic.”

Minimizing and rationalizing, lies and manipulation, all convince you that you have your drinking (or other substance use) under control.

“I can stop any time I want!”

“I have this under control!”

“You don’t even try to understand how I feel!”

These are typical comments of someone who knows but denies the addiction that has them hooked.

EMBRACE and ACCEPT yourself

Redirect your focus and say to yourself: This is not a period in my life… it’s a comma.

Addictions and traumas often go together. To begin to understand how each effect your life is like building a bridge.

This process will include linking the past with the present. An example could be found in a current situation (company party) where anxiety is present. That person may re-experience a past feeling of heightened anxiety that is linked to a past memory in high school.

Another example might have to do with thoughts (ruminating)… when a current experience/ event at work (a misplaced document) and the thoughts perhaps from an abusive parent, “You are an idiot” would rise. We get caught in a loop of negative thoughts.

You can change your behavior.

As you walk into the world of change, “Change happens one person at a time.” Know that the oceans of emotion: anger, happy, sadness, shame, confusion, surprise, etc. will be experienced in all our senses. What we see, hear, think, smell, and touch will be explored.

Therapy that uses each sense is highly effective and expeditious.

Take that first step; we will begin by exploring your history and defining targets for processing. This type of therapy uses many well-tested techniques: meditation, tapping, and connecting to inner strength.

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