Unsolved mysteries

We all have dreams; they are the unsolved mysteries in our lives.

But what do they mean to us?

Have you ever dreamed of falling? It may represent how you view a problem at work, at home, or in a relationship.

Found yourself running from someone or something? The dream of being chased takes on a whole new meaning in the context of finally facing a problem.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Faced with uncertainty? Like you just can’t cope?

There’s hope.

Therapy can give you a way of understanding yourself and how you interact with others. It can help you deal effectively with the commonplace and the extraordinary.

Take that first step.

The first step is crossing the barrier of the unknown. It can be a little scary. But once you do, you’ll make an important discovery:

Therapy will change your life!

You’ll find my office inviting and welcoming – an atmosphere of total acceptance.

In our sessions, we’ll get serious about you and discover what’s holding you back.

We’ll share in the process of unraveling life, digging deep into your inner being, and learning who you really are.

When we find YOU, your inner balance will come alive!

About Me

The formal

I hold both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work from Northern Kentucky University and an additional master’s from the University of Kentucky, respectively.

In addition, I have a doctorate in family therapy from Texas Women’s University.

Throughout the higher educational process, I found grief/loss, traumatic experiences, and therapy as ways to understand ourselves – how we all manage relationships (personally, professionally, spiritually, etc.) and how our past shapes our present and our future.

The personal

My mission as a trauma specialist has evolved over time.

After raising two teenage boys, I discovered it was time to move forward and add to my skills.

I went to college at the ripe young age of 35, and the world opened for me. My family members were my biggest supporters.

My interests are many, but I’d place traveling at the top of the “best seller” list.

My family and I have cruised; hiked mountains; spent family time in cabins, hotels, and camping. I must say the best vacations involve my adult children and their families.

After all, life IS about relationships.