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and Speaking your truth

Trauma Therapy in Southlake, Texas

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Let me help you find your voice.

How much weight do we give our words and our actions? Often, we don’t trust our own judgment or value (our worth). From our past, we hear the voices: “You don’t deserve to be loved” or you feel like “I don’t belong.”

To still the loud voice in your head, you must first understand yourself and your relationships. Do you have a ‘head voice’ that won’t let you rest at night? A voice that is always questioning what you do, asking you, ‘What if?’

Is your past trauma and/or mental health concerns affecting how you function in relationships and how you communicate with others in your life?

Being stuck is scary!!

But it is a necessity to overcome… I will help you recognize your past in a safe and caring environment.

We will take this long-awaited journey together. I will then help you look at each negative thought/belief that has been holding you back – and meet them head on.

I will help you resolve your ineffective patterns with an individual approach to therapy.

Freedom awaits!

Get help when you need it…

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Hi! I am LaDonna McBride.

I will walk with you as you journey to find your VOICE. That voice will speak to you compassionately and with love. This is the voice that will let you talk to your family, partner, friends, and colleagues in a voice that you will be proud to share.

Experiencing trauma can make you feel stuck in all relationships. You find you’ll continue with the same patterns in life that reduce your ability to communicate and react effectively.

I offer you a way out… a journey to peace and a positive outlook on life with your new VOICE.

If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment, I offer a free consultation of 15 – 20 minutes. I can be reached by phone/text at (214) 725-1579. Please send a brief e-mail and/or fill out the contact form below

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